Communication South provides telecom consulting and management services that include voice and data solutions for businesses all sizes. For nearly two decades, we have worked with businesses in the hospitality, property management and retail industries.

Finding the optimal service providers to meet your distinct communications needs can be a confusing process. The Communications South team will leverage our strategic partners to work to saving you time, money, and provide viable solutions for your communications needs!

Meet the Owner

I am Kenneth Fryer and I love the hospitality industry. As entertainment I would visit different hotels and restaurants when I travel in or out of the United States. Now I get to work in an industry that I love.

I initially started out in the pay phone industry and learned about the telecommunications side of things from that industry. I later learned about the computer side of things while working as a contractor with a wide variety of businesses.

Although I have worked with businesses of all different backgrounds and still do, I specifically enjoy working with the hospitality, retail, and service industries to assist in finding the right combination of telecom services for my clients since all of these things need to work together to provide the best customer experience. If you have found that at times dealing with these items has been challenging give me a call or send me an e-mail describing the challenge that you would like to overcome.

Who We Are

Communications South was started 1992 as a Pay Phone business servicing convenience stores, restaurants, and hotels. We are telecom agents that work with over 400 companies to provide services to businesses of all sizes.

What We Do

We are carrier neutral. Which means we make recommendation base on our experiences working with different companies and make recommendation on what to do and what not to do.

We are paid by the telecom service providers so there is not a direct cost to our clients.

Some of the Challenges We Helped Client Resolve

  • We are locked out of our (PBX) phone system. Done! I got them back into it.
  • We need to get services to our new location and we cannot find a provider that can handle all of our site’s needs. Done! The provider even covered the $40,000.00 cost of installation and provide services to a multiply location deal.
  • We need to get the price down to get it in budget. Done! I was able to get my client the services that they needed at a price that they could afford.

Why Use Us Instead Going Directly With the Provider?

We are an advocate for you. We can often save your company time and money by getting multiply quotes for services, telling you about promotions that you may not be aware of and that you may qualify for and assist with any issues that may arise from installation, billing issues, and maintaining services as your business changes.

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