Empower Your Workforce and Improve Customer Experience with a Contact Center

Whether you’re a big enterprise business or a small shop, the way you interact with your customers is vital to your business success and customer loyalty. Let’s find the right contact center solution for your needs.

AT&T wants to connect all your devices with one number

As you buy more devices and wearables, the idea of having one phone number to connect them all is an increasingly attractive one.

AT&T is readying a service that will allow users to connect all their devices, from smartphones to wearables, with a single phone number.

The company promises that the service, called NumberSync, will allow users to send and receive texts and calls from any device using one number. A person familiar with the matter confirmed to Mashable that the service will be made possible due to changes on AT&T’s existing telecom network. And unlike some similar Bluetooth-based solutions, NumberSync connectivity will function even if the user’s primary mobile device with the originating number is physically nowhere near the other NumberSync-connected devices.

“Since NumberSync operates in our wireless network, it is not dependent on a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone,” AT&T spokesperson David Christopher posted on the company’s website on Wednesday. “Your devices don’t need to be near each other and NumberSync will work even if your primary phone is turned off or disconnected from the network.

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The Benefits of SIP Services for Your Business

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) services are gaining tremendous momentum as a huge cost-effective alternative to traditional local and long-distance services. Businesses are often able to have incredible cost savings by using a SIP solutions while often gaining greater productivity.

Why Telecom Services Are Important to Your Business

Telecom services are key to your business’ communication with your clients. Using the right services will save your business time and money while ensuring the best possible experience.